Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting: Perfect Description

Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting, Shared hosting is a web hosting service where many websites exists in one server and all of them are connected to internet. Every site sits on its own server so that every site is kept separated from each other. It is considered as one of the most economical options of hosting. Cloud hosting provides hosting services on servers, where resources from different system are pulled from underlying networks. These services are quite useful and clients can avail services as and when required considering the demand of the websites. Both the hosting services are quite useful but one should also understand the difference between shared hosting V/s Cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting


With changing times, need for resources will increase over time and to meet increasing needs for resources using cloud hosting is the suggested method. Cloud hosting connects various servers on a virtual network pulling resources from the system in a network, thus fulfilling the need of clients for resources. However this feature is unavailable in case of shared web hosting service and this is the reason cloud hosting must be preferred.


On shared web hosting service, computer is connected to a physical server in one go whereas in case of cloud hosting, the server is connected on virtual partition from which resources can be drawn upon.

  • In case of cloud hosting if one server goes offline it does not puts any impact on the network and files continuously be shared from the remaining servers on the network.
  • Cloud hosting can even survive in cases when the entire data center or the server breaks down because resources can be extracted from the already pooled in resources from different servers and computers.
  • However such facilities are not available in case of shared hosting service, because in case the server goes offline the whole system shall get disrupted breaking down the connection between computers in a network and server.


Cloud hosting is quite stable and it will never run for the space for using websites in the servers, as the usage on your server is not restricted with any contract or specific usage, however such issues have to be faced while accessing shared hosting service, as customer can have limited access on such system.


The cost of shared hosting service is much more stable in comparison to cloud hosting service.

  • For cloud hosting, user has to pay for services which are consumed by the client whereas in case of shared hosting the amount of cost and access remains stable beyond which consumers are not allowed to have access on the server.
  • When comparing Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting the cost of accessing remains controlled in case of shared hosting hence it is favorable for the ones who would like to keep costs controlled. In short one will pay cost for only those resources which are actually used.


The physical servers are installed at one place or within a data center in case of shared hosting thus providing complete security to the users having access to the system. Moreover such places are protected with complete security system such that any unauthorized access on the system can be prevented thus protecting the system from any damage. However such security and preventive measures are missing in case of cloud hosting.


The resources on the server or client system depends on the demand of an individual, hence one need not have to restrain their work because of unavailability of resources.

  • On cloud hosting service, one can have access to resources as per their demand. Thus demand and supply goes in hand, it also prevents the resources from getting wasted.
  • However the resources are quite limited in case of shared web hosting as all the data can be access from a single server system.

Unlimited Access

These days’ people handle their business from almost everywhere, i.e. from different desktops in their office, from personal devices or laptops or also access emails and websites when people are on their way or at their home.

  • To have such unlimited access one must use the services of cloud hosting service, because it keeps you connected from almost anywhere and everywhere.
  • However such facilities and conveniences are not available in case of shared hosting, as one person has to get concentrated at one place for gaining access to computer system and server.

After studying different features of both the hosting service, it is understandable that each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and consumer should make use of a hosting service according to their needs and priority on the system. Like for the consumers who are majorly looking for savings in cost must use shared hosting service but for the one who would like to have unlimited access then the best thing to use is cloud hosting server.