Most Popular Facebook WordPress Plugins

Facebook is one of those popular social websites which promotes blogging and allows readers to have access to all the social media content posted by users. For the users of WordPress, one must have a look at the plugins. With these plugins, user will be able to easily share their posts with others or re tweet it to others on the Facebook. For making it convenient for the users, the Most Popular Facebook WordPress Plugins for 2015 has been shared below.

WP Facebook FanBox

This plug-in is almost used or created by the blogger to increase their fan following on their web post or page.

  • User with this plug-in can check out the recent updates and fans on the social networking websites
  • One has to just activate the widget or will have to insert the code anywhere to get started.

Gigya socialize

This WordPress brings in social APIs and other authentication data from Facebook connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo etc. All the user has to do is go to the Gigya website bring out an API, Secret keys and get started for using this plug-in..


This is one of the WordPress plugins which will link Facebook accounts and will import all the photo albums for using it in WordPress installation.

  • It makes use of the Facebook API thus helping users to import the photos
  • The photos can be used in your post or pages

Facebook Dashboard Widget

This is quite simple to use, and it will bring on and display the friends which are available on Facebook.

  • The notifications at the WordPress can be viewed by logging in as admin
  • All the recent updates on Facebook by your friends can be viewed without the need of logging on to Facebook.

Status Updater

This is one of the best plugins for WordPress. It helps the user to save time on updating the Facebook status or Fan Page Wall or Group Page Walls or Twitter with all the posts that are published or posted on this Blog.

Add to Facebook

With this WordPress a plug-in is added to the current posts on the Facebook Feed. When the plug-in is activated on Facebook, a link will appear on the post with “Share on Facebook” or with the icon of Facebook on it.

  • After clicking on the link or by tapping on the icon of Facebook, user will be re directed on to the Facebook site
  • If the user has not logged on to the account then he will be prompted to do so
  • Then the post will get updated or added on to the Facebook account.

JanRain RPX

The plug-in can be used for adding OpenID, Facebook Connect and Twitter option on the blog to improve user engagement.

Facebook posted items

This plug-in fetches the post from Facebook and it displays it in a random way with links and comments on it. The words or items posted on Facebook come up in the WordPress.

Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

With the use of this plug-in, user can create a separate feed which contains only partial information and this can be shared with other users on the Facebook. It helps the user to share only relevant information other than full feed with other users on Facebook.

WP-Facebook Connect

This adds functionality of Facebook to WordPress and all of this can be done by Facebook Connect APIs. Various features gets added on to the social website which includes

  • Sign in options on to Facebook
  • Posting comments on the Facebook feed
  • Commenting on such posts
  • Facebook profile pictures and various other similar features


This can be integrated with the Facebook account which further allows the user to share posts on the Facebook account There are some of the most Popular Facebook WordPress Plugins for 2015 which can be used on Facebook conveniently.