Pictures of Big Trees

Humans and plants have very deep relation and bond as honestly speaking humanity is dependent on plants. It is impossible for humans to live without plants as when it comes to our food, clothes and even the single breath needs oxygen, that means humans are totally depend on plants. People, who love greenery, are fond of owing garden with many species of trees, flower and fruit plants. Even the painting made by an artist also needs wood which comes from plants also. In fact, trees do also have historic value as there are plenty of them in forests especially and are treasure for humans. These pictures of big trees might brush up perception and lead human to make a strong bond with treasure.

Pictures of big trees

We have learnt in schools that earth is the only one planet having water and air and that’s how fertile soil grows plants. Even animals and birds are also dependent on trees for food and house.

Pictures of big trees are introducing roots of humanity:
There is a big reason and deep meaning behind it that how big trees pictures are introducing the roots of humans. Like trees have roots, that hold them to stand strongly and that’s how people can learn lesson that being humans we must be in a strong bond with our culture. Did you ever think of how old could be a tree by age? It could have over many decades and sometimes centuries.

We all know that how a big tree grows up as it takes several years or struggle, after facing storm, rain, flood and many more problems, which tried to break it off. But that’s the strong roots which did not let the tree down.

Big Trees are facing problems:
Big trees owns very large grounded area and also large area of soil for growing roots. Here, as with increasing the population of humans, trees are cutting down so as to get suitable space for making houses, factories and for other reasons. For the basic needs of raw material of products, some selfish people just horribly are chopping trees instead of planting more and more.

There are few species of trees which need safety and secured atmosphere because they are very less in number and it would not be likely to see them as prototype in museum one day. As people know that some special trees have expensive wood so they just cut that tree for own selfishness in illegal way. Here, people do also faces problem woth lung so antismoking ads are in exixtence also.

There is need of spreading awareness regarding trees:
Now-a-days, technology has become the super power and it can also be used for good purpose. Like, government or NGOs have to run campaigns so as to motivate people regarding trees and plants. Although, there are various animals ads campaigns to protect animals and surprisingly people are contributing widely.

In school, children can make a project or house work on planting trees and save greenery. Being a nature lover every person has to contribute his/her own hand that’s how in future generation could see historical trees. The place where one can easily found any huge tree then that place must have to be declared as picnic spot.

Population of human is increasing horribly and alternatively trees are becoming rare to see. Even while enjoying long drive on a romantic long road with lover; it is good to see treesMeans you cannot have romantic long drive ride without trees and that’s nature.

Now, pictures of big trees may boost up your interest in trees. Being a nature lover one can have big tree picture as mobile screen saver or desktop back ground wallpaper atleast. And if you have more pictures of big trees then feel free to share with us.