Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are of immense use while designing a project but it takes lots of efforts while making a choice of an appropriate brush. With vast variety available in the market, choosing a high quality brush makes the task even more difficult. For making the task of choosing creative Photoshop Brushes for designers an easy job some of the brushes have been compiled below.

Creative Photoshop Brushes for Designers

Bokeh brushes

Bokeh is a Japanese word which means appearance of the out of focus portion on a photo. This brush can be used for adding a cool effect to the image and is a must use while creating a painting.

Speckle brushes

It is again a set of Photoshop brushes which have been made using a piece of toast.

Photoshop Flourish

The famous developer and designer produced this free brush pack, and the most interesting part about the brushes is it they have been created with vine and leaf designs making it different from the other kind of brushes present within the market.

Rivets Brushes

This set of brushes has been created for the fans of steampunk and grunge or the painters who would like to have complete construction and industrial look in the picture.

Nino Batitis Brushes

Nino Batitis is the one who created 13 quality brushes and they are available for free for the users. These are Creative Photoshop Brushes for Designers which allows them to experiment and try different kinds of brushes on their painting.

Photoshop brush set

This brush set was designed by Matt Heath using pencils and other setting for giving user the natural feel and it also adds on to the variety for users. With these brushes they can enjoy natural feel and variety of brushes.

Space Brushes collection

The buyer here gets a collection of 38 space brushes and you can become a sci-fi artist by using this. A picture of stars, galaxies, comets or constellations can be created with space brushes. These brushes include instructions and PSD within the set to allow user to conveniently utilize the set.

Splashes of paint

With this set, user gets 30 brushes along with. These brushes are perfect for doing spray painting and hence users can draw some dirty backgrounds and textures with it. A beautiful image along with the dirty spray background would make the image look perfect and mind blowing.

Doodle brushes

This pack has 30 brushes in the set which allows the user to scribble on the images which can be used conveniently while making greeting cards, headers for web page and other things.

Dry Brush strokes

Chris Spooner brought 12 brushes in this pack. Brushes in the pack are of high resolution which has been designed appropriately and gives images a brisk and rich texture look.

Subtle Brush Set

Another collection of 15 brushes brought forward by Jack Fahnestock enabling the users to draw complete texture yet beautiful pictures that have their own impact and depth on the viewers.

Destroyed ornament brushes

It has 6 brushes which have been made with Photoshop CS6. This brush comes up with various options like scaling, textures up and down, increasing and decreasing can also be done for getting best result for the users.

TC Magic Spells

It is a set of 21, which is based on the theme of moon for adding on a fabulous base for painting.

Photorealistic explosions

This set is different from other sets, which contains around 16 images, but amazingly they can be used as brushes. This kind of set is perfect for composing a different image or for adding on a different look to the image.

Fairy tales Brush set

This set has a collection of fractal brushes which has 2500px, and all of it has been gathered together under the theme of fairy tales. This set will take the user to an imaginary world helping you build up something which you always wanted.

Another set of brushes have been mentioned as follows;

Technical Brushes

Heads Up Display Back

Nature Silhouettes

Grimey Brushes

Paint Lines

Sponge Party

Coffee Stain Brushes

Vintage Wooden brushes

Corner Flourishes Brush Set

My heart brushes

These brushes are quite essential and can be used for designing the projects. Some of the amazing effects can be created with this brush thus allowing users to start from the scratch. With these brushes you have a complete library of your own brushes and you can use anytime and anywhere to create beautiful and mind blowing paintings. Another important part of these free brushes are you can save them conveniently and then share them with other designers to make some of the best designer pieces. With such amazing benefits of using brush sets users must make efforts to have these sets for themselves such that they can create the best images and designs in the market.