Gothic Arches And Modern Homes

If you are starting a refurbishment or renovation the look of gothic style arched doors give a very pleasing look to any old building. These arches are usually thought to look great only if they are in solid stone segments but even new build homes can now have double glazed gothic arches made from UPVC or hard wood. A reclaimed church is not the only place that can carry off the architectural style. Old school houses are being converted into spacious homes and are showing off fantastic gothic windows.

Stained glass windows are no longer only found in religious buildings and as such a side or top opening window can have coloured glass adornments. Gothic windows give a whole new dimension to your home with the added benefits of 21st century security. Whether you want to live in a new property, a period house or a country cottage these superb styles of windows enhance and grace with a very personal quality.

These windows are double glazed low repair. They fit perfectly into any size window opening and also have enhanced security with low corrosion and multi point locks. These features give you peace of mind that they are sound minimising and also have an aesthetically pleasing design. Gothic splendour is not something that can really be achieved with regular style rectangle windows. They add a character and design that adds value to your home and also creates a warm and cosy living space.

Sitting in a window that has a gothic surround just watching the weather or any wildlife that is lucky enough to be within sight, these double glazed windows will reduce sound and glass that is coated with low emissivity can reflect right back into the room.

While trying to recreate the medieval magic the gothic window does also surprisingly come in a variety of colours and white is not the obvious choice when wanting to give your home a wow factor. The coloured UPVC frames can now look like they have been painted and also in a wood grain effect – in a sage green colour for a change is a detail that will be permanently outstanding. An added bonus that they don’t need stripping down and painted is a bonus.

Even to make a grand entrance, an arched composite door with double glazed leaded glass in is a front door with a look of splendour and still in keeping with the gothic windows. These companions also come in arched interior doors which can follow a theme throughout the entire building. They bring a traditional finish and a show of strength and power to any home.