Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook has emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites which are used by users to get connected with the outside world. Through these sites users can get connected to strangers over the web. By accessing Facebook strangers can have a look at the profile picture, cover photo, user information which one can go through it to gain maximum information about them. For setting a cover photo, it is important to know how to create Facebook cover photo?

The first thing which catches the eye of a user is the cover photo. This photo is located on top of the Facebook page, and occupies around quarter of the page giving viewer a complete view of the photo uploaded by the user. Profile picture also has the picture uploaded on the social page, but the only difference that happens between both the pictures is one can be restricted by privacy setting while the other cannot. When learning about how to create Facebook cover photo, one must know that it is left open for privacy setting which means every user is allowed to open the photo and have a look at it, on the contrary profile photo can be locked such that it cannot be viewed only by those allowed by the users on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Cover Photo

Chance for business customer
For business pages that uploads cover photo on their page, this is the first chance for them to attract customers and lure them to check out other info and products uploaded at the page. For communities, who wish to make themselves popular on Facebook or would like to attract lots of customers cover photo in such a case plays a vital role.

Guidelines prescribed by Facebook
In order to ensure that the use of social page is made within prescribed regulations a certain set of guidelines have been prescribed by makers of the page. Such guidelines keep on changing with every passing day just to ensure that the best security and services are provided to the customers.

  • User must go through the changing guidelines before logging on to the Facebook or making use of it.
  • The aim of having a cover photo is to give a glimpse of the profile owner or to give customers a brief idea about the business web page.
  • Facebook is authorized to remove pages which does not abides by the rules of Facebook, such system is maintained to protect the pages from unwanted content. This is the last thing anyone would go through, and one of the major reasons why users and every business owner would like to keep things under control.

Size of cover photo
The size of cover photo covers almost quarter of a web page, which clearly specifies that it occupies a dominant position. Editing or cropping a profile picture is a difficult thing to do and same holds true for the cover photo, setting them to a perfect size is quite a critical task which if not undertaken in the correct way may give an inappropriate look to the profile and also the photo. The size of cover photo is 315 pixels by length and 851 pixels by breadth, which means it is important that all the parts of the photo should fit within the given size to give it an appropriate look.

Integrating cover photo with profile picture
It is not an easy task to do, but if done can really impress people visiting your profile. It is good thing to do in case of business companies who would like to impress their customers with every move they make. Some business companies have been able to do this successfully and undoubtedly such integration looked quite impressive.

Including Hashtags
The use of Hashtags correlates with Instagram another famous social networking platform, but lately Facebook has also formed Hashtags as a part of their page. The inclusions of Hashtags on the cover photo also encourage its use elsewhere on the site. But for enjoying the benefits of Hashtags it is important that they should be used correctly thus increasing the discover-ability of a person or a business community on the page. A tip while using Hashtags is it should be used only once or twice to ensure that it does not looks unprofessional or confusing for other users on the page.

Some users especially business houses are using a call option whenever anyone does access to the cover photo, in such cases customers are asked to download the eBook or are asked to sign in a newsletter to get a voucher for the action. The photos posted on the Facebook page do not allows the inclusion of hyperlink, however a link can be included on the offline page i.e. within the description of the cover photo. So whenever a business house or a user would like to convey something, then they can add a hyperlink along with and such cover photos can be changed as and when required.