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There are some very amazing, outstanding and cool backgrounds of flowers, nature, abstract, love, quotes, desktop and so on. These beautiful backgrounds are very eye soothing and attractive. Sometimes they are very colorful and sometimes they are black and white.

Below are the some of very splendid and cool backgrounds which are impressive to use as desktop background.

Flower Background:
In these types of background you can find some nice flowers or leaves. The purity and beauty of colors in flowers are awesome to see. The colors combinations are usually very smooth to be kept as a background. Sometimes a single flower is focused and the background of the image is simple. Sometimes a group of flowers are focused while in some other cases some flowers are clear and some are blurred. The leaves along with the flowers look so beautiful and hence it creates fantastic backgrounds.

Nature Background:
These background images have captured the prettiness of the nature. It can be a water fall, lake, river, mountain, greenery etc. The beauty of nature is a blessing and it gives a good feeling while watching it. Mostly people choose a greenery environment as their backgrounds.  Actually nature covers all the vibrant colors that are highly appealing to everyone. The coolness in the background can be felt just by viewing such a marvelous and eye catching nature backgrounds. It also covers all the seasons of the year and their distinct gorgeousness. The natural light from the sun or dim light of night both are captured nicely captured as a background images. They are real life images taken at right time when whether as well as environment is gorgeous.

Abstract Background:
The abstract background does not have a certain theme or a particular thing focused. It is just a random design but portrayed stunningly as a background image. The light color combinations with sharp colors look phenomenal. These are the background images of those things that do not physically exist. It effects is achieved by textures, colors and shapes. They are very unique and superb.

Love Background:
Love is a feeling that gives pleasure to all human beings. The symbolic color to represent love is red. It can be a red flower, red teddy bear, red card, red candles or just a red shaded color at the back as a background image. Love backgrounds usually have hearts of various sizes with different color combinations and styles. These backgrounds are very heart touching and look extremely sweet. Love backgrounds are cherishing to watch. Hearts made by nature by some real life things are stunning love backgrounds.

Quotes Background:
Quotes Backgrounds have some inspirational as well as comical quotes written on it. When motivational quotes backgrounds are kept as a computer background then you can go through its message many times and apply to your life as well. Quotes can be one liner or of multiple lines with a related photo at the back and creates a wonderful background. These cool backgrounds are good for guidance and motivate you towards success. Similarly comical quotes background is fun to read and interesting to be kept as a desktop background of your personal computer.

Other Types Background:
Backgrounds can be of different categories that attract us and go with our mood. The backgrounds can be on particular color shades or on a particular theme.